copyright Jeff Ball 2010

As my brother Joshhua ( and I were looking for building to photograph in Toledo, Ohio, we came across this church.  As I looked over the desicration of this place of worship I thought about what had happened here.

Who got married at this alter, now painted with inverted pentagrams? Who sang in these aisles¬† or attended Sunday school in the basement littered with beer bottles and fallen plaster? How did this church fail? Did the congregation move from the neighborhood? Maybe they just couldn’t pay the bills to maintain the space. Whatever the reason, the results are a sad sight.

I don’t consider myself a religious person, but I can’t help but feel that beautiful spaces that once meant so much to so many should be preserved. I hope that this church one day finds a new use to hold on to it’s history and not end up another empty lot in a struggling rust belt city.

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