Dreams, Anxiety or Chew Toy?

Copyright Jeff Ball 2008

I imagine that this baseball has had several potential lives. I see it as a symbol of the dreams for a young boy growing up to play major league ball. Perhaps it was a symbol of anxiety for a boy or girl who wants to play but is scarred of it’s force flying straight at them.

Whatever it’s origins it ended up as an abandoned chew toy for some animal and finally as the subject of my camera. How often do we discard or ignore things like this? I’m always on the lookout for these little gems.

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I am a fine art photographer in Denver, Colorado. My work runs the gamut from high-end fashion to the deconstruction of masculinity. My curiosity and appreciation for the many different methods art is created and perceived has led to a diverse expression. I find myself drawn to a multitude of different themes, mediums and how they all relate and object to each other. My work stems from a belief that art is in everything.

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