Costco Sunset

Copyright Jeff Ball 2010

The other day I was heading to Costco for some of the usual staples and I noticed this sunset from the parking lot. I try to make it a habit to always have my camera with me, and on that day, I did. I took about 6 captures and this was my favorite.

I used to miss shots like these because I thought the fence destroyed the scene. I realize now that the fence doesn’t ruin anything. This view is one that so many people see everyday but don’t even really notice. I’ve come to embrace the lines of the city. Telephone poles, wires and street signs are all a part of our every day experience. It should also be in our art.

One Response to “Costco Sunset”

  1. Joshua Ball says:

    Awesome photo! A wise man once told me that art is all around us, we just have to recognize it. I keep that thought in my mind at all times and I try to see the world in ways that other people never will.