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For Every Action, a Reaction

For Every Action, a Reaction

I made this video in 2007 when the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were escalating and I was feeling frustrated with our leadership. War and violence only create more war and violence. The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation. So get out there and create!

When Ants Attack

Last summer our house was invaded by ants. When bad things happen, I like to make art from it to get something good out of the situation. This time lapse video shows how ants work together to deconstruct and transport a piece of popcorn.


I am a fine art photographer in Denver, Colorado. My work runs the gamut from high-end fashion to the deconstruction of masculinity. My curiosity and appreciation for the many different methods art is created and perceived has led to a diverse expression. I find myself drawn to a multitude of different themes, mediums and how they all relate and object to each other. My work stems from a belief that art is in everything.

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