jeffI am a fine art photographer in Denver, Colorado.

My work runs the gamut from high-end fashion to the deconstruction of masculinity. My curiosity and appreciation for the many different methods art is created and perceived has led to a diverse expression. I find myself drawn to a multitude of different themes, mediums and how they all relate and object to each other. My work stems from a belief that art is in everything.

There is art in the contemplation of what makes a person masculine or feminine. There is art between pride and shame. There is art amidst controversy and secrets. Each extreme and everywhere in between can be felt, observed and captured from multiple perspectives. My work evolves from that dynamic.

I like to have an early concept for an image but completely welcome the creative process that directs my work. Some pieces take a mere moment to create, while others take more time and reflection to reveal its message. Keys play a prevalent role in this transformation as both symbols of trust and devices of secrets. As these hidden meanings are made clear to me, the work becomes transformative. I am better aware of myself, my emotions and the world around me.

Each photograph provides a different insight into the concept of masculinity while revealing the impact of life experience on my vision. These images also cross mediums and find themselves in many of my paintings, serigraphs and sculpture. The work is heavily influenced by my own reactions and experiences with different facets of gay culture. The integration of a variety of mediums to explore this central theme reveals its complexity in my life.