Print Sale raises money for TOSA

copyright 2007 Jeff Ball

I am proud to announce that we were able to raise $602.78 with the “Raise the Roof” fundraiser. With your purchases, The Other Side Arts will now be able to repair their roof in their Aurora location. You were part of ensuring artists have a safe space to create for generations to come.

The most popular image was: “Fire Tree”


I would also like to acknowledge and thank the following people for purchasing prints for the fundraiser:

Christoph Heinrich
Ivar Zeil
Pauline Herrera
Gini Mennenga
Dylan Scholinski
Martin Hammond
Dean McCready
Deana Miller
Julie Patterson
Bert Borja

Stephanie Wonser
Craig Steele
Greg Carpinello
Anna Kaye
Wendy Kenworthy
Mathew and Cara Thomas
Christine Zipps.

Thank you!

Jeff Ball

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