Casa Bonita

Copyright Jeff Ball 2007

This is the last photo of a series of photos chosen by friends using random numbers. This image was chosen, in part by my younger brother, Josh Ball with the # 360.

Casa Bonita is a landmark in Denver. Every kid who grows up here has to go there at least once. The food is terrible and the entertainment is for kids but it’s always fun to watch the kids having a great time. It’s also a place for teenage kids to get some performing experience in the elaborate set. Every half hour or so they come out and perform some skits that involve diving into their indoor pools. The movement in this piece is what made me choose it for today’s entry.

3 Responses to “Casa Bonita”

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  2. Joshua Ball says:

    Awesome shot! I love the way the pictures blend together. Glad I got to help chose the picture of the day!

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Joshua. Always love the feedback!