copyright Jeff Ball 2006

This photo was chosen, in part, by Gini Mennenga with the #259.

Every Fall, my brothers,  my dad and I try to go on a camping trip. One year we went to Mackinac Island in Michigan, which happened to be pretty close to where my Uncle Frank lived. Although my brothers and I don’t have much of a relationship with him, we felt it was important that our Dad get to see his brother.

If you know anything about my family, you know they can TALK! After about 4 hours of my dad and uncle shooting the s@#t, I started taking photos of things in his shop. Drill “chucks” or “keys” have always been an issue in my family. “Where is the drill chuck!?” It got to the point where my dad would tape the chucks to the drill so you couldn’t remove it if you wanted to.  So, in a way, I learned that drill chucks are precious and should be protected.

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