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I’ve always had a fascination with water towers. I’m not sure what it is about them but since I was a kid I’ve been attracted to them. During my trip to the rust belt, I took the opportunity to shoot a lot of water towers. Many of which I’m sure I will post on the site.

The potential energy of these towers is very interesting. Huge amounts of water stored in a tank on top of a building could have devistating effects. At the same time they represent an early technology that provided access to water and water pressure for buildings and whole communities.

This shot was taken in Toledo, Oh at sunset.  The building is located right downtown along the Maumee river and serves as a reminder of simpler days.

One Response to “Pressure”

  1. Joshua Ball says:

    Great shot Jeff! I especially like the contrast between man and nature. A brilliant sunset hovers above the treetops; while the water and antennae towers stretch up to confront them. Harmony among the conflict.


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