Walleye Run

Copyright Jeff Ball 2010

Have you ever asked where to buy a fish finder?

The Walleye Run in the Maumee River in Toledo, Oh is a big event each year. It’s so big, Toledo has named it’s professional hockey team, The Walleyes, who are actually in the playoffs right now. Each year the Walleye come up the Maumee river to spawn and it attracts hundreds of fisherman each year. At peak times, you can see fisherman of all ages, sexes and races fishing shoulder to shoulder. Some fish waste deep in the water with their waders, nets and stringer lines and some fish from small boats in the middle of the river.  Despite the method, most leave with at least one fish on their line.

It’s also great business for local bait vendors and sports equipment retailers. There is a certain set of gear that it seems all fisherman must have. Those who don’t have the proper gear look awkward and amateur.

This shot was taken at dawn near Sidecut Park in Maumee, Oh.

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