Makes Cents

Copyright Jeff Ball 2010

A few years back, I bought some vintage Russian bellows for my my DSLR. I also found a beautiful 2.8/50mm  Carl Zeiss lens that combined with the bellows,  makes these beautiful macro shots. This image is from a simple 1970 (the year I was born)  U.S. Penny.  I love the clarity of the scratches , the depth of the shadows and the vibrancy of the color.

I wonder how many people have held this penny? Where has it been? What has it seen? What has it purchased?

We rarely get to see this much detail on a penny. Who really looks at pennies any more. They’re almost useless. I remember buying  penny candy when I was a kid at Christies Candies in South Toledo. Personally, I hope they’re here to stay. There’s just something so symbolic and nostalgic about a penny. Besides most of them are made right here in Denver and I always try to support the local economy.

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