Drill Baby Drill

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As I traveled along I-25 north of Denver, I realized the landscape was spattered with these oil drills. I’m always looking for situations where there’s a juxtaposition of nature and man.  Although we’re currently completely dependent on oil for transportation, energy and plastics. I hope that one day these oil drills are replaced with renewable technologies. Until then, they make for a great composition.

4 Responses to “Drill Baby Drill”

  1. Scratch says:

    Those would be pumpjacks, not drills. The drilling is first, and a pumpjack is used later to extract oil from the ground.

    Most places use newer screw technology that replaces these large jacks with small (telephone booth sized) units that require less power.

    Agreed on all other points though. :)

    Cheers – and nice shot.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Scratch.. Thanks for the info!

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  4. People really need to take a close look at waht is happening to the planet. Please help out by doing more for the environment.


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